Vale CEO Perry Deakin resigns

Vale CEO Perry Deakin resigns

Port Vale have announced that of Chief Executive Perry Deakin has resigned and is “working his notice period.”

This news will come as a surprise to Vale fans reading Friday’s Sentinel in which Deakin criticised an unknown club official for “bad advice” but indicated he would not resign.

There is no comment from the club on the more important issue of whether Deakin will remain as a Director (despite the notorious nil-paid shares incident, Deakin remains on the board). The statement says that the club will “not be commenting on board positions” at this time. However, the club says he is working his unspecified notice period.   Deakin and Peter Miller’s conduct since joining the club has been the subject of near universal fan criticism and this news will no doubt be greeted with relief by fans.

Although it is just the first step in the fans’ ultimate goal of instigating a complete change of the club’s board and senior management, it does indicate that the fans’ criticism, orchestrated by the excellent Supporters’ Club is clearly having an effect.

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