Man of the match 2011/2012

Man of the match 2011/2012

OVF will be running a man of the match award for every first-team fixture this season with the overall winner crowned the OVF player of the season.

Here is the latest leaderboard plus match-by-match awards for each game played this season

Man of the match final leaderboard…

  • Anthony Griffith, Tom Pope: 7 awards
  • Doug Loft: 6 awards
  • Sean Rigg: 4 awards

Man of the match awards…

  • Crawley Town (H): Doug Loft
  • Huddersfield Town (H) LC: Anthony Griffith
  • Barnet (A): Sean Rigg
  • Burton (A): Doug Loft
  • Accrington (H): Sean Rigg
  • Southend (H): Doug Loft
  • Tranmere (A) JPT: Lewis Haldane
  • Wimbledon (A): Louis Dodds
  • Plymouth (A): Gary Roberts
  • Bradford (H): Tom Pope
  • Shrewsbury (H): Ben Williamson
  • Crewe (A): Tom Pope
  • Rotherham (H): Tom Pope
  • Gillingham (A): Clayton McDonald
  • Northampton (H): Anthony Griffith
  • Morecambe (H): Anthony Griffith
  • Bristol Rovers (A): Sean Rigg
  • Oxford Utd (A): Clayton McDonald
  • Swindon Town (H): Tom Pope
  • Grimsby (H) FAC: Tom Pope
  • Cheltenham (A): Tom Pope
  • Torquay (H): Jennison Myrie-Williams
  • Dagenham (A): Jennison Myrie-Williams
  • Aldershot (H): Guy Madjo
  • Hereford (A): Jennison Myrie-Williams
  • Macclesfield (A): Doug Loft
  • Cheltenham (H): Anthony Griffith
  • Southend Utd (A): Kingsley James
  • Wimbledon (H): Sam Morsy
  • Rotherham (A): Doug Loft
  • Plymouth (H): Anthony Griffith
  • Bradford City (A): Stuart Tomlinson
  • Gillingham (H): Doug Loft
  • Northampton (A): Anthony Griffith
  • Crewe (H): Chris Shuker
  • Accrington (A): Chris Shuker
  • Burton (H): Louis Dodds
  • Barnet (H): Marc Richards
  • Crawley (A): Marc Richards
  • Hereford (H): Joe Davis
  • Torquay (A): John McCombe
  • Dagenham (H): Anthony Griffith
  • Aldershot (A): Louis Dodds
  • Macclesfield (H): Tom Pope
  • Morecambe (A): Stuart Tomlinson
  • Shrewsbury (A): Joe Davis
  • Bristol Rovers (H): Joe Davis
  • Swindon (A): Chris Martin
  • Oxford (H): Sean Rigg



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