Dean Glover slams Port Vale protesters

Dean Glover slams Port Vale protesters

Underfire Dean Glover has controversially hit out at peaceful protests by fans claiming that they are not “helping the players ” and that he was “shouted down”

Glover’s comments are somewhat controversial as the protests were not aimed at the players but at the manager and the make-up of the Port Vale board.

Glovers comments to the Sentinel in full are: “It’s not what we need right now. However much people want to shout, it’s not easy for the club at the moment … and it’s not helping the players one bit.

“There is no millionaire waiting to come to take the club further forward … and whoever came in would still have to work with the same bunch of players.

“There are a lot of rough times to go through to start with, but hopefully we will come through the other side a lot better off.”

“Demonstrations are about venting frustrations. I went out to speak to them, but got shouted down.

“Some people don’t want to listen to what’s being said, although others do.

“But by bringing Keith in, hopefully, a different voice will help change things around on the pitch at least.”

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