Robbie Williams buys Port Vale shares

Robbie Williams buys Port Vale shares

Port Vale have confirmed that popstar Robbie Williams has bought an unspecified stake in the football club.

The announcement appeared on the club’s official website on Monday although there is no information on the amount invested.

No one shareholder can own more than 25% of the shares available in the club so Williams’ stake is likely to be around £240,000 of the £260,000 shares still on offer if he has taken the maximum possible shares available.

The news is a massive financial boost to the club who have recently announced a new loan with the city council reducing the club’s interest payments and a £10,000 investment from former Walsall Chairman Mike Lloyd.

This latest move vindicates the board’s efforts to bring in the right investors at the right time, and is a credit to the current board’s hard work to bring in funds.

It also means that Williams, long the butt of some fans’ jibes for ‘not putting his money where his mouth is’ has given the club a massive financial shot in the arm and a great deal of media publicity across the globe. This investment demonstrates Williams’ fondness for his boyhood club.

Vale fans, the Ego has invested…

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