The Italian Job?

The Italian Job?

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Port Vale’s new owner will be confirmed as football agent Gianni Paladini.

It is understood that the Italian will take a majority shareholding in the club.

Mr Paladini says that he has agreed a deal with the board to purchase a majority of the unsold shares.

Mr Paladini’s son Stephen, who is a Vale fan, will be providing most of the money to purchase the shares.

Paladini has represented Premiership stars such as Juninho and Fabrizio Ravenelli in the past.

Paladini told BBC Radio Stoke: “You need the money to buy the players to steady the team. We want to go up into the First Division if it is possible.”

He says that if the deal is agreed, he will do his best to ensure that the club is successful.

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