Jackson is ‘Totally Committed’

Jackson is ‘Totally Committed’

Bob Young, of Poppleby and Appleton, the former administrators of Port Vale FC, has mounted a robust defence of Peter Jackson’s investment into the club, claiming the life-long supporter is ‘totally committed’ to the club.

In an interview on Radio Stoke, Young told Stuart Green: “He’s [Jackson] not in any way fly-by-night…. He’s totally committed. He’s putting in an awful lot of his own money and bringing other people to do the same as indeed has Bill Bratt before.”

Young referred to the Gianni Paladini bid adding: “The fans only hear part of the story.”

Referring to the board decision to back the Jackson bid, Young claimed: “I’m quite sure they have made the right decision.”

Young added: “Supporters that talk about people like Bill Bratt feathering their own nest, eating the prawn sandwiches, could not be more out of the tune with the reality of these people. These are down to earth supporters who have made great sacrifices with their personal wealth and time to save Port Vale.”

To listen to the entire interview, please click on the link below:

Bob Young interview

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