A Millionaire With Swiss Interests

A Millionaire With Swiss Interests

An exclusive report by onevalefan… Which potential investor in Port Vale, is a reclusive 72 year-old with a £6m fortune and an interest in purchasing Swiss football clubs?
An anonymous writer for an independent Servette FC website has contacted onevalefan.co.uk with some fascinating facts about Len Smith, who in partnership with Raj Bhutia is reported to be interested in taking a controlling interest in Port Vale FC.

Servette, like the Valiants are in financial trouble. Smith has arrived on the scene in the last few days, aiming to take a majority control of the struggling club.

Whether Smith has turned his attentions to Servette rather than continuing his alleged interest in the Valiants, remains to be seen.

Swiss newspaper Le Temps provides some fascinating information about Mr Smith claiming…

* He is a “72 year-old, reclusive Englishman of which very little is known.”

* Mr Smith “spent four days in Geneva very recently.”

* Mr Smith “owns a hotel in Manchester.”

* Mr Smith “has a fortune estimated at 1.5 billion Swiss Francs [which is approx £600m]”

* Mr Smith was allegedly “an anonymous benefactor to a group called Valiant 2001 when they were seeking to gain control of Vale”

* “The agreement with Servette should be finalised before the weekend.”

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