Pictured: Port Vale Mascots of yesteryear

Pictured: Port Vale Mascots of yesteryear

We love these photos and we wanted to share them with you all. They date from the days before Port Vale had one, official mascot…

In those days, Vale did not have one mascot as they do nowadays with the ever-popular Boomer.

However, several prominent supporters took on the role of entertaining the crowd.

From 1954, the famous Iron Curtain days, we have the following photo courtesy of the Valiants on the March exhibition. It shows various mascots in action during Vale’s FA Cup clash with Blackpool (hence the Sir Stanley Matthews references). We’re particularly fond of the clown (third from the right):


And from 1961, courtesy of Angela Fox, we have a photograph of Port Vale fans on their way to the Fulham FA Cup game. The gentleman with the Port Vale umbrella was a well-known character at the time (we cannot remember his name but if you can recall it please post a comment):



  1. The 1954 photo shows part of the Blackpool Crazy Gang in front of the Hamil crowd, as Cup Holders they put on a good show and paraded around the running track, there may even have been a goose sprayed tangerine. Happy days, all good fun, no segregation, the odd punch up but they were soon parted by people close by. I was in that crowd but to the right of the photo.

  2. in your port vale mascots the clown 3rd from left is my grandfather.
    I was 9 years old when he died in 1963. I remember playing with the outfit as a boy as it was kept in his wardrobe. I was born the year that photo was taken.
    his name was enos potts from bradeley and later norton.

  3. in my earlier post i stated that the clown 3rd from the left was my grandfather. I meant 3rd from the right.!!!!

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