The Bycars stand: a pictorial history…

The Bycars stand: a pictorial history…

In this picture series, we take a look at how certain sections of the Vale Park ground have developed over the years. We’ll kick off with the Bycars stand…

Ambitious plans – the original design:


The original plans for the Bycars stand (top of drawing).


Those 1940’s plan show a partially covered Bycars End (left of drawing) which would join the roof of the Lorne St stand .

A second-hand solution – the initial stand in 1950:


With lack of finances forcing Vale to cut down on their ambitious plans, much of Vale Park was constructed as open terracing. In 1950, after protracted wrangling with Stoke-on-Trent city council, the club arranged for the steelwork from the Old Recreation Ground’s Swan Passage to be erected on the Bycars terraces.

A sorry sight – the Bycars during the 1970’s and 1980’s:


The first of two images from the 1980s which show a rather sorry-looking Bycars End.


A second image showing the much-missed “Welcome to Vale Park” sign.


A rare full Bycars stand as Vale celebrate their promotion in 1982. This image is from that season’s final home game against Northampton Town.

Rebirth – reconstruction during the 1990’s:

The Taylor Report prompted significant ground redevelopment as clubs moved to all-seater stadia. The Bycars was the first stand at Vale Park to be redeveloped. These pictures show how the work progressed.





The Bycars stand nowadays:


The exterior.



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