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Neil Aspin says veterans still have a lot to offer

Neil Aspin says veterans still have a lot to offer

Manager Neil Aspin has praised the performances of veterans Michael Tonge and Danny Pugh as Vale stretched their unbeaten run on Saturday.

Push was named as the sponsors’ man of the match after the 2-2 draw against Stevenage at Vale Park. Even though Vale are yet to win in 2018 the draw stretches their unbeaten run to four games and widens the gap between the side and the dropzone.

Aspin commented: “I’ve always spoken well of the older players in the team. They never stopped today.

“Pugh and Tonge have played Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday this week, which is a real testamant to their professionalism and how they look after themselves.

“Danny Pugh, of course being captain as well, set a great example today. He works hard, they both work hard, and they’ve still got a lot to offer.”

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