Crewe boss clarifies comments and apologises

Crewe boss clarifies comments and apologises

Crewe boss David Artell has told the media that his comments at Vale Park have been taken out of context.

Speaking about Michael Tonge’s first-half sending-off the manager said: “We all know it is a red – the crowd don’t think so but that’s because they’re not that well-educated.”

There was a backlash from Vale supporters and Artell has moved to clarify.

“I meant specifically about that challenge. If anyone thinks that’s not a red card they need educating. That’s what I meant and I stick by that.

“If people think it’s definitely not a red card they need to see a rulebook.

“But I didn’t mean people need educating in the grand scheme of things, and if they’ve taken offence I apologise, I do.

“The reporter has not seen the context and that’s certainly not what was meant.

“At what point would I think there is some benefit in slagging off opposition fans? Even before a game, never mind after a game.

“There’s none, absolutely zero. I wouldn’t, what do I get out of that? Absolutely nothing.

“I’m not the ‘Big I Am’, anyone who knows me knows I’m not. And if they’ve taken offence I apologise. I’m not too big to apologise.”

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