5 Best Football Betting Websites

5 Best Football Betting Websites

There are hundreds of online betting sites for you to have a flutter on. However, there’s a big difference between the average betting website looking to suck up your hard-earned cash and a website that can provide something useful in the way of news and statistics to help you make the most informed bet possible.

Here are five of the best betting website with an interface geared towards to user that’ll help give you an edge on the odds makers.


Probably the best website for live updates and statistics. Almost every league you can think of is covered, with fixtures, top scorers, assists, tables and results all covered exhaustively. Player profiles are also loaded with up to date information. Simply click on a player to find out how many times they’ve scored the first goal, what their penalty performance is like, and even what time they’ve scored the first goal, which is crucial for betting in the First Goalscorer market. There’s also special information for different betting types like 6 game form, over/under, and half time results. Check in Soccerway regularly before making any kind of big bet.


OBLG is one of the best football betting communities on the net, with a clear and easy to use interface. Its members keep the site buzzing with speculation and back-and-forths. The greatest feature is the comment section where you can see how members are predicting the outcome of a particular bet, which can then be checked against their previous performances to know what their success rate is like. The blog page has some well-informed editorials, and the forum is alive with enthusiastic discussion on all the latest leagues and matches.


Initially conceived as a reference site for player transfers, Transfermarkt has grown over the years to be a very handy resource for betting in general. If you’re willing to spend some time getting familiar with the sub-menus there’s a lot to recommend here. The Table section helps you follow team form from anything to the last week to how they fare at the start or end of a season. The player stats are outstanding too, with the “Player vs.” function helping you see how a particular player has performed versus a particular team, and the manager stats are similarly enlightening. This site might also help you get a free no deposit casino bonus at egaminghall.com


Betinf is a bit of a sleeper site but is no less useful to serious bettors for it. Their over/under betting page helpfully lays out team percentages for the season. Another great function is the Notable Streaks page that tabulates any outstanding performance runs a given team has had in a league season. The Preview pages also give you a nice condensed rundown of upcoming leagues and who to watch out for the attendant, which helps you spot performance trends quickly.


Betbrain’s handiest function is for making up-to-the-minute cross-comparisons of which bookmakers will give you the best odds. Once you click on a match, you can narrow down the market you want to bet within, from penalties, first goalscorers, the number of corners, etc. The odds are live updated every few seconds and you can easily follow the site links to the bookmaker of your choice once you settle on a bet.

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