OVF needs a new server – can you help?

OVF needs a new server – can you help?

A message from Rob regarding the onevalefan.co.uk access problems over recent hours.

A message from Rob Fielding

Please accept my apologies for the lack of access to OVF following the Millwall game. It actually wasn’t an issue caused by high traffic but disappointingly it was a “power outage” at the company who hosts our server.

So, enough is enough… I am now planning to migrate onevalefan.co.uk to a new, more reliable server.

I was upset that it took so long for the issue to be noticed and resolved especially as they promise “100% uptime” and this is not the first time I have lost access to OVF through issues with the hosting company. It is embarrassing for me (people naturally assume I have done something wrong) and annoying for those of you who wish to use the site.

Worryingly, I have looked at reviews of my hosting provider and there are multiple complaints from other websites claiming that downtime is regular and unacceptable. Not only that but the latest “crash” damaged the forum database (you may have seen the error message) so even when the site was restored it was impossible to post until I fixed the issue.

So, enough is enough… I am now planning to migrate onevalefan.co.uk to a new server.

There should be minimal disruption to you (the site may be unavailable for 24-28 hours) but I will need to find a new, reliable provider and migrate all of OVF across to it.

As a result, I may not be quick in responding to emails and private messages for a few weeks.

Can you help?

Can I also ask – if anyone can recommend a UK hosting provider who offers near 100% uptime site back-ups and can assist with migrating a complex site, please do let me know at robfielding@yahoo.co.uk


Rob Fielding
OVF Founder

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