Blackpool fan: the club is in disarray and it could get worse

Supporter psychoste of the Back Henry Street messageboard confirms what many Vale fans will be aware of – Blackpool are a club in crisis.

About the fan

psychoste posts on the Back Henry Street messageboard and tells us:

“I’ve been a fan since childhood but living abroad has meant I am unable to attend anywhere near as many games as I did growing up.”

Editor’s comment

OVF fully backs the Blackpool supporters’ calls for changes at their club…

It is rare that the “Opposing Views” feature has to come with a disclaimer. However, portions of this interview have been amended as sadly, we are aware of the Blackpool owners’ willingness to take legal action against online content.

OVF fully backs the Blackpool supporters’ calls for changes at their club and as bystanders we feel that the actions of the present owners are damaging the reputation of a great club. We would urge the owners to listen to their supporters and engage in meaningful dialogue with a view to leaving the club.

As we Vale fans know during our battle with the V2001 board, once a club has lost the support of its fans it is in a no-win situation.¬†Once of the most pertinent things said during the slow demise of Valiant 2001 was this quote from Steve Bradbury, Valiants against Racism founder who said that “a club with no fans is a club with no heart.”

How do you expect your team to do this season?

Sadly, I predict another relegation this season. If we avoid this it would be a minor miracle.

Who should we watch out for?

On the pitch our two young forwards Cullen and Redshaw have potential but are far from the finished product.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

Our manager is a puppet for the chairman and has the tactical nous of a doorstop. Affectionately nicknamed MUGdonald, he is among the worst managers we have ever had at this club (and that is saying something!). By his own admission, he has signed every player he has asked for which speaks volumes. Of these signings, only Cullen and Redshaw look League One standard. The rest are a sorry bunch.

What are your thoughts on the board?

At the moment this is the lowest point in the club’s history and sadly it could still get worst…

Off the pitch the club is in disarray. The Oyston family remain in charge and their catalogue of failures, mistakes and general ineptitude is too long to detail here but some “highlights” include legal action against fans, texting offensive messages to fans, removing statues of club legends and a full media blackout.

At the moment this is the lowest point in the club’s history and sadly it could still get worse. For legal purposes this is all my own opinion and nothing more.

Which one Vale player would you take?

I remember Sam Foley from Yeovil and think he has the ability to play at a higher level. It’s the same for Jak Alnwick who is a solid young prospect and has all the attributes to be a top goalie.

How do you expect Vale to do this season?

With a bit more consistency I think you could sneak into the play-offs. League One is so tight at the moment that a solid run by any team can see them move significant places up the table.

What is your team’s most memorable game with Vale?

I seem to remember a home win against Vale where our midfielder Richie Wellens scored from near the half-way line by lobbing your goalie. He tried this every other week without success but on this occasion got it spot on!

A score prediction?

Sadly, I can only see a Vale win. I will go for 3-0 (Goals by Foley, Moore and an og by Ferguson).

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