Opposing views: Coventry (H)

Opposing views: Coventry (H)

We have the views of three Coventry City fans ahead of their trip to Vale Park this weekend. It’s fair to say they don’t like their board while they regret losing Mark Marshall to the Valiants…

About the fans

Jabharty – I’m Joe, I’ve been supporting for sixteen years, a relatively short time compared to most on here, so I’ve been lucky to watch our continuous downfall as a football club week-in, week-out.
Woody11462 – I’m Chris, 35 year old now living in Manchester having moved to Merseyside in ’87 just after winning the FA Cup.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – I’m 25 years old, have been supporting Cov since I was four when my dad (who is a Chelsea fan – I made the wrong decision there) got free tickets through his work. I live in a town roughly 15 miles from the city, but have followed home and away whenever possible over years of Uni in Bristol.

How do you expect your team to do this season?

Jabharty – Away from the doom and gloom that most of our fans preach, I’d say we won’t be in much relegation danger. Some of the players we have could quite easily get into the top sides in the league, but it’s just a case of replacing some of the dead wood who let us down each week. I’ll predict us to finish 13th.
Woody11462 – At the start of the season I thought we might do well given the fact Pressley had a full transfer window to work with and despite losing to very good players in Wilson, Clarke, Murphy and Moussa we had improved the depth of the squad. But it typical CCFC fashion we have failed to live up to expectations and the season seems to be unfolding.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – No better then we are currently really. I expect the new pitch to help us slightly although the results were going downhill before that did. I reckon we will reach the peaks of 16th come the last day of the season.

Who should we watch out for?

Jim O’Brien is having a decent season, usually gives all he’s got and he has some genuine quality in him…

Jabharty – Jim O’Brien is having a decent season, usually gives all he’s got and he has some genuine quality in him. Frank Nouble has a tendency to fashion chances out of nothing, so if he’s having a good game the opposition often can’t handle him. Ryan Haynes, if playing, can be a menace on the wing, but he’s fallen out of form recently.
Woody11462 – O’Brien is playing well and if Nouble is playing well he is dangerous. Haynes is also a good prospect but not sure there is anyone you should be particularly worried about.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – Jim O’Brien can be a tidy player but his final ball leaves a lot to be desired. Frank Nouble provides a few great touches and strength up top, it just depends on if he fancies it on the day. Reda Johnson poses massive threat from set pieces and can provide the odd marauding run.

What are your thoughts on your manager?


Jabharty – On paper the signings were good, but marquee signings like Tudgay and Simeon Jackson just never delivered. We lost the majority of our team in the summer, including Callum Wilson for £3m, Christie for compensation, and Carl Baker for free. Our manager clearly loves the club and I for one want him to stay to at least see out the end of the season, but if things don’t improve the fans will be calling for his head. It sounds as if he will get a budget for January, which will be a big test of whether he can spend it wisely.
Woody11462 – As above, his signings have not lived up to expectations and Pressley is talking about big changes in January but his record with signings leaves a lot to be desired.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – I really like Steven Pressley as a person, but he’s made some poor signings over recent years and this one has been no better. There’s been Miller, Tuday, Jackson, Coulibaly (although he didn’t look bad when he did play) to name just a handful of shockers. His attacking philosophy of last year seems to have disappeared but that may be more to do with the fact our best two players last season were our centre forwards who have now left. I don’t ever expect us to score more than once so score and so you’ve got at least a point.

What are your thoughts on your board?

The board have done nothing but fail the club. I was one of those that maybe gave them the benefit of the doubt early on but we are in turmoil…

Jabharty – It’s just a mess really. We come back to the Ricoh, and within weeks it’s been sold to a London-based rugby club. The club got about £4m of transfer fees in the summer, which were promptly spent on court fees and a new pitch at Northampton rather than footballers. It’s becoming obvious that a lot of fans are becoming disillusioned (if they hadn’t already) and attendances are down to 8,000. A good budget in January will be a good starting point to even partly repairing the relationship with the support.
Woody11462 – If you thought the replies was negative before then it only going downhill! The board have done nothing but fail the club. I was one of those that maybe gave them the benefit of the doubt early on but we are in turmoil.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – Absolutely shocking. Leaves us little hope for any kind of future progression. You’ll get plenty of depressed fans on this topic.

Which one Vale player, past or present, would you take?

I was also sorry to see Marshall leave and thought he might have progressed this year…

Jabharty – Mark Marshall. Liked him here, but he left in the summer presumably because he ‘didn’t fit the mould’. Suddenly, we’re playing wingers and we’re lacking the quality and speed on the wings which Marshall brought.
Woody11462 – I don’t think he would fit in to the high work rate that Pressley likes but Tom Pope seems to always do well against us and does well in this league. I was also sorry to see Marshall leave and thought he might have progressed this year.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – I saw Nimely was training with you, if so it would be him. I know a lot of people didn’t like him or thought he was overrated when he was with us, but he has a spark in that he’s pacey and will run at players. Something our current squad lacks terribly, although we don’t need any more strikers.

How do you expect Vale to do this season?

Jabharty – Bottom half. I was certain you’d be relegated this season, especially after that loss to Crewe. From my point of view there isn’t enough quality in the side to get much higher than mid-table.
Woody11462 – Bottom half of the league but probably still above us much to my annoyance as I have an annual bet with a Vale supporting mate of mine.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – Probably finish around us in mid to lower table obscurity. All the best for the rest of the season bar the games against us though.

Most memorable game against Vale?

Jabharty – Well out of the two from last year I’d say the game at Vale Park. The first half was brilliant and both of our goals, especially Moussa’s, were outstanding. Just a shame we burned out in the second half.
Woody11462 – There’s not exactly many to choose from but last season at your place was a decent game, apart from the result. Moussa’s goal was brilliant.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – I can’t really remember any bar the two last season, so i’m going to say the 3-2 win for you.

A score prediction?

Jabharty – 1-1 O’Brien for us, and obviously Birchall for you. Curse of the ex-player.
Woody11462 – 1-1. Pope inevitably (OVF editor – he’s injured at the moment) and Madine.
GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee – 2-0 to Vale. No doubt Marshall and Nimely (if he’s available to play, I’m not sure) will score as all our ex-players love a goal or two against us.