Supporters Club to improve communications

Supporters Club to improve communications

Ally Simcock, the chairman of the Supporters Club has apologised for the “inadequate” advertising of their recent meeting.

The release from the Supporters Club reads:

My sincere apologies regarding the inadequate advertising of this weeks supporters’ club meeting. It was advertised on Facebook, Radio Stoke and Twitter, along with it being published in my article in every match day programme. It was also mentioned in the Sentinel. It was advertised on at least four different pages but I do understand not everyone logs onto social media sites.

We have had some issues with our web page, which is how the emails are sent through to all of our members. However, I absolutely take full responsibility for the lack of advertising and will endeavour to ensure emails are sent out for the next meeting. I will also ensure it is advertised on OVF in plenty of time for the next one.

Again, my sincere apologies for the lack of communication. None of this is designed to excuse fans not being aware of this weeks meeting. You will see a vast improvement to our communication prior to the next one.

For your information, the next one will be held on Thursday 10th April in Tommy Cheadles, from 7:30pm. I hope to see you there.


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A note from OVF: We will continue to do our best to advertise Supporters Club meetings. It was unfortunate that due to lack of a computer/Internet access we were unable to plug last week’s meeting. We are a “hobby” site and it’s not always possible for OVF to react quickly, particularly as on that occasion we were stuck on the tube/train for a couple of hours with no web access .  

The Supporters Club will now send information in advance so we can publicise events on here and we’re very grateful for them for doing this. We’re sorry if anyone relying on OVF missed the meeting but we’re only one of many Vale websites of course and media such as the Sentinel and Twitter will also carry updates of future SC events too.[/box]

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