FSF: We’ll help fans report poor policing

FSF: We’ll help fans report poor policing

Influential supporters group the Football Supporters Federation will offer help and support for Port Vale fans who wish to report poor police behaviour and tactics during the game against Wolverhampton.

The match was marred by problems after the game with the police reporting that 23 fans had been arrested and that a “significant number of home fans” caused trouble in Burslem town centre.

However, although there were some people determined to cause trouble, many peaceful supporters were dismayed at the policing during the game. The OVF forum and local media have received many complaints about the authorities involved in policing the game.

Now, the Football Supporters Federation (FSF), who operate the campaign “watching football is not a crime” have contacted OVF to let fans know that they will assist fans who wish to make a complaint against the Police.

Even if you  have already lodged a complaint, you may still may need advice through what can be a lengthy process and the FSF will be pleased to give that.  There will be no charge for advice given.

Want help with reporting poor policing?

If you’d like advice about the process please email Amanda.jacks@fsf.org.uk or call 07703 519555

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