Bury defend Deakin role as concerns grow

Bury defend Deakin role as concerns grow

The appointment of former Port Vale CEO Perry Deakin as a “consultant” for Bury FC has prompted a storm of criticism, but the football club have defended their appointment.

Bury chairman Stewart Day told the Bury Times:  “The club want to make it clear to all concerned fans that Mr Deakin has been employed on a consultant only basis to assist in the reviewing of current contracts and the procedures of the current commercial department.”

“We are in the process of employing new staff for the way forward and Mr Deakin’s role will then be reviewed.

“It was his knowledge and experience that was needed as an immediate input into the turning around of the situation we found ourselves in.

“Mr Deakin is not a shareholder or director and as such reports to the board with all his findings.

However, Internet messageboards have been busy with speculation regarding Day’s intentions for the Lancashire club. Glenn Thomas, who has been closely linked to reviled former Vale chairman Peter Miller by several forum posters, has been named as Bury’s new CEO. This has prompted concerns that Miller may be involved in the recent takeover.

The “MOLD” board that Deakin and Miller were involved in came perilously close to killing Port Vale FC and only the goodwill of Stoke-on-Trent city council, the Port Vale supporters club and administrators Begsbies-Traynor prevented the club being wound-up. MOLD showed little regard for Vale fans, deceiving shareholders with the “nil-paid shares” deception, re-mortgaging Vale Park and in process breaking the terms of the loan with Stoke-on-Trent city council while Miller and Deakin both drew large salaries which the cash-strapped club could not sustain.

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