Analysis: Burge’s best game?

Analysis: Burge’s best game?

In a new OVF feature, Pete Tindall reflects on Port Vale’s 3-0 home win over AFC Wimbledon, picking the key moments and rating the Vale players.

Match observations

Talking points:

Apart from the weather? Before the game it was “will we bottle this?” After the game it was “can we dare to dream?”

Ref rating: 8

No one talked much about the ref and he mostly went unnoticed. Just how it should be.

Vale player ratings

Man of the match:

Ryan Burge had his best game in a Port Vale shirt.

Neal: 7

Made a couple of good saves, distribution intelligent. Makes you feel safe.

Duffy: 6

Decent contribution.

Chilvers: 7

A ‘Boom’ [John McCombe] lookalike doing all the usual Boom stuff.

Purse: 7

He was calm and composed.

Jones: 8

A contender for MOTM – belting runs forward, good crossing… what a signing!

Myrie-Williams: 7

Just like the reverse fixture he was a thorn in their side all night. Swapped sides to great effect.

Burge: 9

A nuclear powered dynamo! This lad has a very bright future – hopefully with Vale.

Loft: 7

Made an excellent partner to the “Burgermeister.”

Vincent: 6

Great goals. Let’s hope that confidence boost peps up his all round game.

Hughes: 8

First-half effort and work rate outstanding. A top drawer header.

Pope: 7

Unselfishly drew defenders and made space for the team. Maybe an 8? but he’ll have to score for that mark!

Pete will provide further post-match analysis from Vale’s other matches between now and the end of the season.

Match Facts

Match: AFC Wimbledon (Home)
Score: 3-0
Scorers: Hughes, Vincent (2)

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