Analysis: Purse earns top marks

Analysis: Purse earns top marks

Pete Tindall has provided this analysis of Vale’s weekend trip to Torquay United with Darren Purse almost obtaining a perfect score for his efforts.

Talking points

Calvin Andrew to start and  win the match? What! Are you serious (and where are we drinking after the match)?

Man of the match

A close call between Neal and Purse with the centre-half possibly just edging it.

Match stats

Score: Torquay 0-1 Port Vale
Goals: Andrew (28)
Bookings: Purse, Burge
Attendance: 2,679

Player ratings

You could argue that he deserved a ten. Superb battling, disciplined, vocal and strong…

Neal : 8
Not a lot to do, but didn’t let us down when called upon.
McCombe : 7
He looks a lot like Chilvers and his style is similar:  Solid and dependable, albeit a little slow.
Purse : 9
You could argue that he deserved a ten. Superb battling, disciplined, vocal and strong.
Duffy : 7
Pretty good once again.
Jones : 8
I’m getting used to him going forward at pace now. But this pitch didn’t suit his style.
Loft : 7
Not quite the best of “Loft will tear you apart” yet. It was his goal though (really)!
Myrie-Williams : 7
He had a couple of goal opportunities but spurned them.
Burge : 8
He was magnificent again. Showed no fear after a nasty gash on his bonce. It was never a booking.
Vincent : 4
His head is somewhere else. Not at the races.
Pope : 7
Work rate as we have come to expect. Not enough service to shine.
Andrew : 7
Came on and battled well. Big, tall, strong and reasonably quick. Scored (arguably).
Morsy (sub) : 8
Won everything and didn’t get booked.

Other ratings

Ref rating : 6
Some random decisions and took too much notice of their players’ gamesmanship to our detriment. Still, we won, so who cares?


Away support : 8
Those that made it were vocal and lifted the Vale. 679 is a bit lower than expected, mind.


Torquay night life : 10
A great place! ‘Nuff said.


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