Adams praises second-half performance

Adams praises second-half performance

Micky Adams said that a “half-time chat” was crucial as Vale put on a much improved second-half display during their 3-0 home victory over Accrington.

We had a good talk at half-time to sort a few things out…

After Vale had struggled against Accrington’s ten men in the first-half Adams said:  “Our first-half performance was very disappointing.

“Too many of our players were having too many touches on the ball and running in straight lines, which made it relatively easy for Accrington.

“But we had a good talk at half-time to sort a few things out. Our wingers came inside more so we could get our full-backs forward in the second-half and we started to create chances.

“Our midfield two of Ryan Burge and Doug Loft were also much better with their work and thankfully we got the job done and it’s another three points.

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