Smurthwaite: Pope’s going nowhere

Smurthwaite: Pope’s going nowhere

Port Vale CEO Norman Smurthwaite called in to a live phone-in on BBC Radio Stoke to dismiss “rumours” that Vale were intending to sell top scorer Tom Pope.

BBC Radio Stoke’s “Praise and Grumble” presenter Matt Sandoz had claimed that rumours were circulated that Vale’s interest in Lee Hughes was as a replacement for twenty goal leading scorer Tom Pope (although we haven’t read any such rumours here at OVF Towers).

Smurthwaite, who along with Paul Wildes took control of the club on Tuesday, denied that Pope, who is under contract until the end of next season, would be sold.

The CEO also denied that Vale were solely at fault for delays that led to the loan moves for Lee Hughes and an unnamed loanee collapsing, saying that “technical issues” were also to blame.

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