Flashback: “Lol’s lovelies,” 1973

Flashback: “Lol’s lovelies,” 1973

We have an image of Port Vale players in ahem, relaxed mood at a 1973 party. But who are they? We reveal all…

This image was taken from a Port Vale programme from what we assume was a Christmas or New Year party. The players are (from left to right) Bob Peyton, Tony Loska, John Brodie, Bob Mountford and Colin Tartt.

The photo is also included in Jeff Kent’s Port Vale Personalities book and that is where the epitath “Lol’s lovelies” comes from. This is presumably is a reference to long-serving Vale player and physio Lol Hamlett.

If you have more details on this picture, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.


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