Supporters Club: Ryder deal not completed

Supporters Club: Ryder deal not completed

The Port Vale Supporters Club claim that potential owner Keith Ryder has still not completed his deal despite Ryder asking for the deadline to be extended until Wednesday.

Administrators Begsbie Traynor originally gave preferred bidder Ryder a deadline of the 31st July to finalise his takeover but Ryder then asked for a further 24 hours extension to complete his deal.

However, according to a news release by the Supporters Club this has not happened.

The news article from the Supporters Club reads as follows:

The Supporters’ Club has just spoken to administrator Bob Young who has again contacted us this evening as promised.

Mr Young confirmed the deal has still not been finalised and funds have not been transferred, however, Mr Young said he had more discussions with Keith Ryder today who assures him he is working hard to complete the deal as soon as possible.

Meanwhile Mr Young continues work on Plan B and he assures us he will keep the SC fully up-to-date with any developments as soon as they happen.

Mr Ryder has still not returned any calls to the Supporters’ Club.


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  1. mr ryder if you need three days to complete say three , if you need ten say ten but do not lie or mislead we have had ten years of that !

    what people would like to know is why it is taking time to send funds, if as promised by you and bob young that you have the 1.3 million in an account what is the hold up ?

    if of course you now have cold feet, please do not try and appease people by stating that you will be more disappointed than everyone else because you WON’T BE.

    we the fans are the lifeblood of this club and the turmoil suffered over the last 18 / 24 months has been enough to test anyone’s patience , there has been no requirement for you to make matters worse . please sort out this problem and explain matters fully. the fans , management and staff are not mushrooms.

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