Vale: coaching staff’s roles are safe

Vale: coaching staff’s roles are safe

The administrators running Port Vale have confirmed that manager Micky Adams and first-team coaches Mark Grew and Geoff Horsfield will remain at the club.

Administrator Bob Young told the Sentinel: “After having a chat with Micky I assured him Mark and Geoff are safe.

“We’ve got a fairly thin coaching staff and I don’t believe there are grounds to cut it.

“Micky is keen to keep them both, and made it clear he regards them as crucial to the ongoing success of the team. I agreed with him.

“I don’t want to undermine Micky’s position in any way so I listened to his advice and made the decision.

“Clearly, Mark and Geoff are assets to the club.

“Micky was delighted, and was a much happier guy as a result of the decision.

“I wouldn’t say keeping them is well within my budget, but I believe it is attainable within in.”


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