Bede’s lost dog

Bede’s lost dog

Our resident bard Barry Edge has been busy with his epic account of Bede’s quest to find his beloved dog, Zac.

Here’s Barry to introduce his latest verse…

This story has a very happy ending. It’s a story about our good friend Bede and his ‘Best mate’ Zac.

When I read Bede’s topic thread about his missing Samoyed I found myself drawn into and sharing his pain and heartache. I understood exactly how he felt, and I know that Bede, like so many of us, would go without life’s little luxuries so as to pay the vet and kennel bills for his ‘Best mate’.

It all started mid afternoon on Wednesday 22nd February 2012. From that point on, and until he was reunited with Zac the following evening, Bede and his family went through the most harrowing of times.



As crises go this one is huge, much bigger than the ‘Vale,
It tells us of a man’s ‘Best mate’ with a peperami tail,
He’d wandered from the homestead to do what dogs’ must do,
To lift a leg to have a pee, to have a sniff or two

It seems a broken fence, now lying on the ground,
Had given Zac a golden chance to further sniff around,
So he wandered through the gap to the neighbours’ yard next door
Where his sniff or two was doubled into a sniff or four

The time old Zac went missing was early afternoon
And Bede had fingers crossed that he would find him soon,
But evening came and went, his tea still on its plate,
For he was focused only on finding his ‘Best mate’

Bede’s thoughts were all and everywhere, and tears he could not hide,
For there’s no way that he could rest ‘till Zac was by his side,
He rugged up warm, jumped in the car, and drove around first gear
In the hope that he would find his ‘mate and put to rest his fear

Whilst driving slowly through the streets it dawned upon our Bede
That he could be in trouble for driving at such speed,
‘If I am stopped by the boys in blue would they help me seek and find,
Or think that I’m a stalker with evil on my mind?’

‘Twas now the midnight hours, his heart all filled with dread,
Our Bede was wide awake for the message he must spread,
A plea to Valiants far and wide – a long shot at the best,
To help him find his ‘Best mate’, to help him in his quest

From Bradwell and the Five Towns, to exiles far from home,
Bede’s desperate plea was noted – ‘My mate is on the roam!’
‘Old Zac is getting on’ he said ‘his pace is very slow,
So if you see him near your place would you please let me know?’

A sleepless night, an aching heart, a face now racked with pain,
And in his mind Bede wondered – ‘Will I see old Zac again?’
And whilst his eyes were telling him that he should get some sleep
‘Tis only something he will do once Zac is in his keep

As morning broke the Family Bede were stepping up the search
By checking every dogs home, every park, and every church,
There were posters on the go and ‘phone calls being made
To ask for help, to spread the word – ‘Our Samoyed dog has strayed!’

‘Now Zac is getting on’ said Bede ‘His legs are not the same,
He cannot wander very far before he pulls up lame,
In fact his little jollies are usually short and sweet,
No more than just a house or two up or down the street’

The frantic search continued, Bede’s mind was in a state,
‘Will I find my mate in time? Or is it all too late?
Perhaps a Good Samaritan has noticed old Zac’s plight
And kept him safe and warm throughout the long cold night?’

A photograph of Bede’s ‘Best mate’ was posted on the ‘Net,
For he knew if Zac was all alone he’d really start to fret,
‘So tell your friends on Facebook, text and twitter too,
No matter where you are please do what you can do?’

The good folk of Onevalefan, and PVO as well,
Began to spread the message, join the search, the numbers swell,
With lookouts posted everywhere – in streets and every lane,
A Samoyed dog named Zac was gaining global fame.

The Family Bede were frazzled when they spotted old Zac’s pic
On the ‘Council website – but they were onto it,
They ‘phoned the local dog’s home to say that they would claim
Their favourite little pooch, to bring him home again

Their thoughts now single focused, their hearts at racing pace,
The Family Bede jumped in the car and down the road did race,
With their stomachs tied in knots, their emotions now on high,
The trauma of it all was enough to make them cry.

As for the grand reunion our Bede was want to shout
Whilst Zac seemed not to care to what the fuss was all about,
He simply wagged his tail and headed for the car
Blissfully unaware he was now a global star.

The frantic search now ended, no more will old Zac roam
For Bede is taking steps to keep him safe at home,
A dog tag and new collar is being sorted as we read,
On top of which Zac’s getting a shiny brand new lead.

As crises go this one was huge, much bigger than the ‘Vale,
It told us of a man’s ‘Best mate’ with a peperami tail,
He’s sleeping now on his patch by the sofa near the door
And Bede is quietly confident old Zac will roam no more.


Now here’s a sharp reminder Bede wants to share with you,
It’s a warning that some kennels can cost a bob or two,
Like seventy four crisp one pound notes that he gave up today
To gain old Zac’s release, before they walked away

Just one more thing and then we’re done – a massive thanks from Bede
For helping him to find old Zac, and to do it with such speed
Especially to the lady who had noticed old Zac’s plight
And kept him safe and warm throughout the long cold night.

Barry Edge
Western Australia
March 19, 2012

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