Adams: recent events an "absolute joke"

Adams: recent events an "absolute joke"

Furious Port Vale manager Micky Adams has pulled no punches about his view of the club’s board in an interview with the Sentinel newspaper.

In it, Adams describes the recent weeks at the club as “an absolute joke” and has slammed board members for not having the courage to face players face-to-face and tell them they would not be paid.

Adams told the newspaper: “I was told there was enough money to keep the club going, but now it appears there is nothing left.

“The players got the news two hours before the money was due to go into their bank accounts, so there’s a lot of anger, frustration and disappointment among the boys at the moment.

“I’m disappointed no-one higher than me at the club wanted to speak to the players as I feel they should have.

“I had to break the news, and I’ve never shirked my responsibilities as a manager, but you can imagine how it was.”


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