97% of Vale fans want an EGM

97% of Vale fans want an EGM

Almost 97% of over 2,000 Vale fans polled during Monday’s Port Vale versus Cheltenham Town game have backed the Supporters’ Club call for an EGM. The group polled 2,147 fans at the Cheltenham clash, with 2,074 – or 96.6 per cent – of them supporting the action.

The same proportion of fans agreed that Robbie Williams’s proxy vote should be put forward for the removal of Lloyd and Miller, plus fellow directors Perry Deakin and Glenn Oliver at an EGM and to install a new interim board.

They also approved the supporters’ club’s aim to take legal action against current and former directors over issues relating to their handling of club affairs over recent months.

The Supporters’ Club plans to submit a written request to the club asking that they convene an EGM, while also writing to the club’s 900-plus shareholders to appeal for their support with the offer of submitting their proxy votes on their behalf.

Supporters’ club chairman Pete Williams told the Sentinel: “This result gives us an overwhelming mandate to take action and shows how concerned the fans are about how the club is being managed.”

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