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I think as long as season ticket holders dont mind they should a cheap home end (bycars)ok it means the away end would have be priced the same but if only 99 away fans coming (say Stevenage etc ),then it aint going make a lot of difference to the gate but if its cheaper get in the away following could treble etc which would mean more home support would come out creating more atmosphere and more energy for the players hopefully .
Ten match tickets i will gladly get one even though id only go maybe 4 max games a season and ill buy me son a full season ticket ,as last season didnt bother and only got my son a ten match one as what i witnessed on the whole the season before hand was nothing short of abysmal.
Hope the club grows again and folk encouragd as a one wholeheartly and whatever kev and carol do is successful and they get the support they totally deserve .
I have always thought the Bycars should be cheaper, most clubs charge more for side views. As you say reduced prices at the Hamil end would not have much effect with small gates, but there are alternatives. Keep the price the same but issue a loyalty card to anyone buying tickets for two different games, later games would be a reduced price. I assume the advance discount by buying before match day would still remain.