Who should we sign?
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    Who should we sign?

    I know this is very early but who should we try to sign to push us on? For me maybe someone like szmodics (sp?) and maybe a non league striker like Rowe from Fylde or McCallum from eastleigh?

    I'm guessing we'll have a reasonable budget to go at, so I'm hoping we actually sign some in form or established players rather than hopeful punts or past its

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    No chance of Szmodics he will likely progress higher with Colchesterís failure to make the top six and will be on a good wage. They pay well due to location plus why would he come Vale over them?

    Rowe at Fylde is a big money signing, they are the new Fleetwood and pay huge wages and a few clubs have tried and failed to get him, Tranmere I believe weíre told to do one as they wanted over £1 million.

    I assume our best chance will be players released from other clubs still so itís seeing what we can deal.

    I wonder if we will go for Macclesfield Towns Elliott Durrell with him being someone Askey will know and them having financial trouble.

    Bury may lose players with their trouble so might be a couple of theirs released worth a look at?

    Boldeweijn at Notts also, always looked good against us and a pacey winger. He will want to stay in the league.

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    Need some properly scouted lads.

    Not some reprobates whose agents have been on the phone to Norm.

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    Letís just make sure our scouting regime arenít going after coked up junkies.
    That will be a step forward.

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    I'm actually quite excited, to see the back of that odious dlckhead Smurthwaite, and to see Askey get a full pre-season with his own players. No more Brown or Aspinball. No more utter, utter dross, signed by an utter, utter rat of a Chairman. 5-6 years of football misery over and done with. It's over, we won, he's going and it didn't take an administration or relegation to non-league to force it through.

    I'm already really looking forward to next season and who we bring in. Carol has a huge task ahead but I think people will be surprised at how quickly we'll unpeel ourselves from the bottom of the barrel.
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    Mayer from Bury.

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    If we could get a released striker like Stevenage did with that Guthrie I'd be a happy man!

    First and foremost, mobile midfielders are a priority, as are decent full backs

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    I think we mostly need some reliable players who are capable of scoring regularly, regardless of their favourite position.

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    All depends on who gets released from other teams I guess. But if we were to sign Danny Mayor or Sammy Szmodics I would be absolutely amazed
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    I think people need to calm down a little... Carol (fingers crossed) will bring a sensible approach to running the vale, which is exactly what we need.

    Thinking we have any chance of signing Szmodics or Mayor is unrealistic and a little daft!
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    the last 3 seasons our recruitment has been terrible we need a smaller stronger squad and players who fit into the style and system we want to play

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    just checking the length,in the darkness
    He will be in for a couple of Macc players imo,i do know he likes Wilson and Durrell from there

    Unless he signed a new deal when they were promoted then Durrell is out of contract
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