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    I think that's more of a comment on our support rather than a criticism of the potential new owners, and I'd be wary of underestimating the negativity and agenda-ridden claptrap that some of our 'fans' come out with.

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    It's time to reengage some stakeholders (I chose those words just for you Smithie). Big sponsors, smaller sponsors, box holders, lapsed season ticket holders, disgruntled fans, whatever.

    Get some decent commercial deals signed, some nice merch, a competent kit supplier.

    Set a competitive budget and sign some players who aren't total dossers.

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    Just hope to see the trajectory change for a start. Its criminal that we are down the bottom of this league really, Notts County aside the stragglers are generally low budget clubs with small fan bases so we have no excuse really.

    Need a club united with a clear direction and vision rather than one floating from one season to the next. I want someone to come in a say right we will turn this around over X amount of time and then put things visibly in place to achieve that.

    This then allows fans to get behind it, and has everyone pulling in the same direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valefan16 View Post
    This then allows fans to get behind it, and has everyone pulling in the same direction.
    Until we lose a couple/play poorly, then it'll be all doom and gloom again :-)

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    For me, just one simple line.

    Run the club from top to bottom in a professional manner. Get they right and everything else will follow.

    But without wishing to bang on Smithie’s drum, effective and productive marketing for a club of Vale’s size is absolutely essential.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacko51 View Post
    It's not a case of managing expectations, I too expect the new owners, if it all goes through, to create a huge improvement in the Vale Park environment both on and off the pitch. I just don't expect miracles overnight.

    I think that is a perfectly fair and sensible assessment. If Carol and Kevin are the new owners there will be huge goodwill generated. It will be time for the naysayers to back off and support the new owners. Good season ticket sales should follow. I will be pleased if we can put down a solid base financially, engage the community, entertain the fans at home games and make coming to Vale Park a pleasure again.

    I would think that The Synectics existing team can add value to Vale's marketing and administration. I would expect Colin Garlick to stay because there is a need for specific football administrative and executive knowledge and experience to ensure that we meet the myriad of requirements of a professional football club. Synectics will not have expertise in that area.

    I would be very pleased to see John Askey stay, he has done all we can reasonably expect so far.

    I have a strong hope for all of us to get back to supporting Port Vale and not engaging in endless moans about anything and everthing.

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    Totally agree RR

    I'd like to see a club emerge that I can be proud to support again.

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    There will also be people wanting to invest with them and they are open to that unlike the last two lots

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    surely a promising situation, they are not buyers out of the blue, they have been next door for a while, involved locally. Purchasing and running the club under consideration for at least 2 years, thus plenty of advice given and an appreciation of the club in the wider sense. So I am expecting a fairly dynamic start, not pouring money into the club, but sensible adjustments. Manager and squad the priority, financial aspects already part of the takeover plan.

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    At least with them in charge I'd feel confident money I put into the club would actually go into to the club. As opposed to some twilight zone that probably ended up being Mr Smurthwaite's back pocket.

    The rot around Vale under the current regime is not going to be cured over night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philmpv View Post
    Definite to happen:

    1. Within 6 months, the usual suspects will be demanding 'Synethics out' and declaring that they will not attend again whilst SS remain in situ.

    2. Within 6 months, if we're not in the top 2, the usual suspects will be hollering about they cannot see 'where the next win is coming from', and demanding the manager's head.

    3. Within 6 months, if the usual suspects have not received gold and diamond embossed marketing material, the Club will be declared 'a shambles from top to bottom', with a promise that they will not attend again until apologies are made and recompense offered.

    Want to happen:

    4. Full control of transfer policy given to the manager and the manager alone.

    5. Genuine consideration given to how to increase our attendances, both from a ST and walk-up perspective.

    6. Whoever is the manager to be given time, patience and support within our means.

    Needs to happen:

    7. Stability, first and foremost. Pick your manager, support him, and stick with him.
    Surely it is the people that did variants of 1, 2, and 3 with the current incumbent who have led us to this opportunity with Synectics, if we remove your hyperbole?

    Seems a strangely veiled dig at protesters/people unhappy with a club that has largely been very poor for nearly 2 decades. Who are you directing 'usual suspects' at?

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    Port Vale is fundamentally a not very good football club, from poor decision-making at the top to unprofessional players on the pitch, declining, ageing fanbase compounded by a non-existent commercial department, a seemingly woeful reputation in football rounding the lot off.

    The salvage task is massive. It won't be cheap, and won't be a quick fix. Long-term strategies are needed to ensure we don't flit between scraping relegation to conference and League 1 ad infinitum.

    Re-engagement with lost fans, creating optimism, the formation of a lean squad of FL players in their prime years, a general balancing of the books, and an improved off the field picture to point to larger budgets in the future. Luckily we'll have the right people in place to achieve this.

    I literally do not see anyone kicking off if we aren't top 2.
    Last edited by Joe B; 30-04-19 at 04:42 PM.

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