If you're looking for a short anecdote to read...
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    If you're looking for a short anecdote to read...

    ...here's one about 2 nocturnal runners - one chasing the other

    Click here
    *Every new day is a new beginning with new horizons (Barry Edge)
    *Supporting Port Vale, for real supporters, is something that's in your blood. You can't turn it off like a tap (Paul Machin)

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    AR, that a funny one, imagine you were surprised.

    One funny story from my sporting days.

    We were playing a team from a mining area in Derbyshire and batting 2nd in a forty overs game, the opening partnership had put on a decent score but one got out. I usually opened or batted No 3 so I walked out to the middle took guard and noticed the sun was low on the offside so I could hardly see the fielders.

    I was the type of batsmen who made Geoff Boycott look very rapid, I hated giving my wicket away so my tactics for the first few balls were usually to defend unless I got one on my pads that I could tickle down to fine leg and jog up the other end, nothing too strenuous or exciting but off the mark.

    This particular day I must have been confident 'cause I took my middle and leg guard and in came the seamer, he bowled a full toss just outside off stick, I moved onto the front foot and just leaned into the ball, it sped right our of the middle of my Gray Nicholls super short, I'd never timed or hit a cricket ball so sweet.

    I stood there posing looking for the ball between cover and point but the sun was so low I couldn't see where the ball had gone or see the fielders, instead of hearing "Shot" or something similar I heard "Mate your out, f*ck off". I glanced left at the umpire and instead of signalling 4 his finger was up, I had to walk. I got so much ribbing from the lads it wasn't true, but a red inker, particularly from playing an attacking shot so early , just wasn't usually in my wheelhouse.

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