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Thread: Remembrance day

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    Quote Originally Posted by RailwayRowdy View Post
    I think you’re right Paul.

    What I find so astonishing is that this was happening only a decade or so before my birth. How any human being can inflict such misery and cruelty on another is beyond belief.

    A few years ago my wife and I went on holiday to Berlin. The Germans were incredibly convivial hosts. As I was in their country I tried to speak to them in German. All and sundry replied to me in English ! Perhaps my German wasn’t that good!

    We visited a concentration camp in Oranienburg about 20 miles north of Berlin. As you say Paul, haunting.
    Yes and even today only ca 75 years since it finished, still hard to believe.

    The theme music by Carl Davis is also haunting.

    Went to Potsdam in 1995 and Potsdam was in fairly poor shape (Didn't get to see Sanssouci). Got the train to Berlin, remember the bullet holes still there on the Ku'Dam, the chunks of masonry missing on the Reichstag even 40 years later.

    I can imagine visiting a concentration camp is harrowing, plan to do it one day. Just walking around the Jewish quarter/sector in Budapest is tough enough, flowers still placed where people were murdered.

    I could just about translate scientific German into English but my spoken German was not good either, most young Germans seemed to want to hone their English skills. Often had fun with Germans on holiday in Spain, once the talking started the hangovers resulted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RailwayRowdy View Post
    All the above moving stories show what we all owe to generations past, but also the futility of war.

    The magnificent TV series “A World At War” should be taught in schools as a subject in its own right. It may educate youngsters of the dangers of putting people and races into different “boxes”.

    The opening scene of the series sets the tone of the entire 26 episodes, where the Germans killed virtually the entire population of the French village of Oradour-Sur-Glane and then razed it to the ground. Why ? No one knows.

    If anyone has not seen this series, I urge you to seek it out. A magnificent piece of work.
    Yes great series RR. Remember watching it in the 70s with my Dad. Loved the haunting music and great narration. Bought the boxed set and you are right a great way to teach the history of WW2.

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    Whilst not being a officienado of WW2, I thought I knew the basics.

    However, near to the Reichstag is an understated memorial to all the poor, poor souls who lost their lives in concentration camps.

    In a plain, unspectacular circular, ground level memorial, EVERY concentration camp is recognised by a simple brass plaque. As I walked around this, I lost count at 50 on how many there actually was.

    Every one knows of Auschwitz. Treblinka, Belsen etc, but the sheer scale of numbers really took me by surprise.

    Berlin may not be everyone’s choice of a holiday destination. But if you are interested in recent history, it is a MUST see city.
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