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Thread: Shopping list

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    Why do people talk about a 6 figure fee as if it is something we can't afford.
    100k is the equivalent of 2 x 1 year contracts paying £1000 per week or 2 x 2 year contracts paying £500 per week in the long term.

    If we cut the squad down by 10 players this is easily affordable.
    Add to that the fact that a player we are paying a fee for can only use their current deal and offers from other clubs that are prepared to pay a fee for them to try and get us to up their wage offer. If they want to move they have a lot less offers to choose from so will have to accept what is on the table.

    I would rather have a player that we want at the expense of 3 or 4 that we don't. Lets just hope it ends up being a player we do want.

    If we are to play 1 up front again we really do need to offload strikers first too really.
    We currently have Pope, Barnett, Angus, Turner if we add 2 strikers (That we have had offers accepted for) that's 6 which is far too many for a small squad.
    I would hope turner will go out on loan as from what I have seen he is nowhere near ready.
    Barnett is hopefully going but we don't know. (I don't mind him as a backup for Pope but he has to have someone mobile playing up top with him as he won't cover the ground) He is probably quite a high earner too.
    Angus lets hope he copes. He didn't play badly against Carlisle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Curtain View Post
    I have been thinking about this a lot. And actually it doesnít bother me one bit.

    If we had an owner that sold players and instantly reinvested that money into a new player, or even 50% of it... then I would agree and would want players with a resale value.

    As it stands Norman is not using the Hugil, Alnwick or Grant money... not forgetting the six figure sum we received for a youth player to bring in new replacements.

    If we did sign someone and sold them on for £1.9m letís say... I canít see it benefiting the vale whilst Norman is around.
    If you accept that the player will walk on a free at the end of his contract then the fee is just something else you have to factor into the overall cost of the player (after salary) and decide if it's decent value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Curtain View Post
    I have been thinking about this a lot. And actually it doesnít bother me one bit.

    If we had an owner that sold players and instantly reinvested that money into a new player, or even 50% of it... then I would agree and would want players with a resale value.

    As it stands Norman is not using the Hugil, Alnwick or Grant money... not forgetting the six figure sum we received for a youth player to bring in new replacements.

    If we did sign someone and sold them on for £1.9m letís say... I canít see it benefiting the vale whilst Norman is around.
    thats a fair comment, the only thing i would say is Smurf is quite child like in that if he was to get a few players in to sell and make money I could easily see it becoming a fad like the foreign players where he got quite excited. Be nice to think he could look at sides like peterbrough and scunny and realise that with someone like rudge about theres a chance to uncover a few gems and make a few bob as well as drive the club forward (and add value to his asset)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagrid View Post
    Personally wouldn't want us to sign Miller but if he signs he has my full backing.

    I don't know it that makes me a heretical doom-mongerer though. Just hasn't cut it at League level in two stints, has no resale value, and will be dealing with the aftermath of his sentence for a while (will have to relocate as he can't drive, has to attend an alcohol treatment course etc).

    I don't think its wrong for Vale fans to be concerned with a signing with as many red flags as Miller. However, it shouldn't be used against them if and when he does sign. Its not being negative, in my view its positive that Vale fans finally have enough belief in the club to not want a player who scored 40 two seasons ago, and that we're aiming for better.
    yeah 100% agree, not a fan now but once hes in black and white he gets the backing from me

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    Miller would be awesome.

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    Comments from the Mansfield Stagsnet Forum. (Fans whoíve actually watched him play.....)

    Miller will score 20 goals for someone next season. I saw enough hunger and endeavour in him to work that out. Unfortunately for Ricky he was presented with so few opportunities in our shirt.

    If we have an opportunity to sign old spindle-legs, we need to. He's a legend in waiting.

    I keep saying it on here and getting shot down...if youíve ever played the game youíll know what he has that most other strikers donít....if we arenít in for him at least, I sincerely hope we have someone better lined up for when he bags every week, the sharks will be circling.

    I would love to sign Ricky Miller as he has a bit of passion and is desperate to prove himself in the Football League. I'd play him before Lee Angol. Sorry Lee.....prove me wrong.

    t's so obvious what's going to happen here...Jennings has gone to county and will bag 20+ Miller will go to Lincoln and do the same...

    We are desperate for goals as proven last season and we have a player there in Miller that knows the club and would probably sogn given the right deal and we are just going to let him go to a rival to push their chances for promotion, the blokes clearly got/had issues but also seems desperate to prove himself.big mistake not signing him I reckon.

    I'd like us to sign him. You won't get any better with that kind of scoring record without paying an absolute fortune. Better than what we have currently in my opinion.

    Come on David Flitcroft/JR. Sign him on. It's a "Yes" from the fans.

    Christ, there`s some judgemental raspberry on here. He`s showed more passion in a few games than Angol did all season!. He`s with us now. Give him a chance. Nothing to lose!

    All those on here saying that they don't want us to sign Ricky Miller probably also thought that we shouldn't have signed Billy Kee. If he signs for another League 2 club he's guaranteed to score 20 plus goals

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    Yeah but a few vale fans who have never seen him play know more surely?

    Being serious though he would be a good signing. Go back a year and we wouldíve been delighted to be in for him. Compare him to the last couple of seasons strikers (other than poor) and heís a big step up.

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    Clearly Miller divides opinions among Mansfield supporters, as he does here. Here's the other side of the coin, also taken from the Stagsnet Forum:

    Alan Swann from the Peterborough Today newspaper gives his verdict on Ricky Miller:
    Posh apps: 5 (8) Posh goals: 0 Contract expires: 2020 Swanny says: A dreadful disappointment on and off the field. A local man who arrived with so much goodwill, but hampered by a six-game ban at the start of the season and then by off-field discretions. Can’t see him changing his ways. Verdict: Release

    Wish Miller could be the missing goal poacher, but where is the evidence that it could happen? There isn't any, either at Mansfield, Luton or Peterborough, just non-league.

    A huge gamble for me. He may have not been tge flavour of the month at Peterborough but even so , there is no excuse for a player not keeping fit . We were crying out for a goal scorer and Flitcroft still didn't play him. They tells it's own story. If we can get him on free , his wages aren't too high , he gets and keeps fit and he sort his issues out then maybe he's worth a punt.
    But it's a big If .

    Sorry guys, if we sign Miller the only thing it says to me is we will fail again.

    From his time here alone I’ve heard a few undesirable stories of his off the field activities. I don’t think we ought to sign him.

    I heard the same things about his friend too just hope that hasn't rubbed off on the likes of the younger players who will remain at this great football club

    Rumours about knocking off training early, devides in the changing room, boozing until 1am before a crucial game, all very unprofessional, all very unnerving IMO.

    Flitcroft has spoken several times about squad cohesion and getting rid of divisions. I can't imagine he'll want a potentially divisive player such as Miller, no matter how good he may or may not be. We don't need him to go up anyway. 4 teams got promoted last season without Ricky Miller.

    Time will tell...wouldn’t bet against him being top L2 scorer for Vale (if he keeps on the straight and narrow)

    And therein lies the rub. Do you pay money for a 29 year old, with 1 league goal to his name, who come September 1st could implode, do something stupid and get sent down?

    I saw absolutely nothing that would make me want to sign him I'm afraid.

    I can see why Ricky Miller is on Neil Aspin's radar. As manager of Gateshead, he would have seen Ricky scoring loads of goals for Dover Athletic.

    He's played 30 games in the Football League split between Luton Peterborough and Mansfield. In that time hes scored 2 goals so what makes anybody think he'll score 20 next season?

    Ricky miller is 28 years old ,hes had his chance ,failed to impress managers enough to be worth a risk better players out there i would wager he wont even start 20 games in league 2 next season if he does and manages more than 10 goals i would be surprised ,sometimes you have to accept its not everybody else,s fault

    And so it goes on for pages and pages - some for and some against. The lad clearly has ability but the thing that worried me most were the comments about his off-field activities and the impact on the dressing room. It could, of course, all be baseless rumour but it would seem an unnecessary risk to me. We'll just have to wait and see.

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    Itís Aspins job to man manage Miller and Iím sure that Neil has carefully considered and discussed Rickyís past before he made a bid (if he has).

    Iíd rather concentrate on the football and try and look at the positives.

    All I can think is (apart from Pope) how many of our recent strikers would receive positive comments on OVF like the one the Mansfield fan were writing?


    Letís face facts, if Ricky Miller was a model pro and had scored 15 goals for Peterborough or Mansfield then he would be out of our price range.

    However, do I think that Aspins backing himself to of identified a player he thinks he can get a tune out of??

    Time will tell, but Iíd like to back our manager and John Rudge rather that pointing out all the obvious negatives.....

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    I think I want to reserve judgement until we know who is coming to VP for certain.

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    Theo Vassell was at Vale on Monday... maybe coming in as back up, maybe there's a buyer for Davis?

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