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Thread: Brexit again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by For Us All View Post
    The real pot of gold is getting our independence back Bill.
    Independence.... real independence is almost impossible unfortunately.
    As a country we are dependent on others and always will be.

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    Yes,but I don't want to be dependent on Brussels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regal Beagle View Post
    So what's the issue with going it alone? Leave voters are often called "little Englanders" but it's actually the remoaners who are claiming we have little to know chance of success outside of the EU.
    But that's the point Regal, the UK won't be "Going it alone" 'cause it's tied into the myriad of "World stuff" most other countries are tied into from Human Rights to Climate Change. I wouldn't claim "The UK has little to no chance of success outside of the EU" rather than it could well suffer for a time but would be better off within the EU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Regal Beagle View Post
    The world is not the same as 1970 either. There's absolutely no issue with being an independent nation and all of these facts and figures are simply caused by the unknown, not brexit itself.
    There id absolutely no doubt some of thye fugures are due to Breit, eg. look at the pound/$ exchange rate drop on the date the result of the ellection was known.

    Quote Originally Posted by Regal Beagle View Post
    We don't need to sell our souls just so we can potentially get a good trade deal in one industry (and shafted in others).
    That's a crazy thing to say, look at the whole subject of Trade Deals and it's obvious the UK gets a better deal on virtualy all if not all trade deals by being a member of the EU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Regal Beagle View Post
    There was talk about staying in the EU as we are better placed to improve it. I say lets join the rest of the world and start improving that.
    We've always been part of the rest of the world and had the opportunity to strike individual Trade Deal with countries not covered by EU Trade Deals, with those countries covered by EU Trade Deals we do better 'cause the UK is part of a large negotiating block of 450m people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Regal Beagle View Post
    Also, anyone claiming to know what will be going on in 5 years time is a lunatic or a liar. There's an infinite number of variables. That being said, have your opinion and we will have ours.
    I wouldn't disagree with that but with many Economic experts all saying similar things the chances are they all won't be wrong.

    Life is about risk/benefit and usually about minimizing risk, Brexit is a risk not worth taking because if it does go wrong it won't be simple to fix. Better to be part of the EU and fix it from within. For an Island nation of 60ish million people not to have free trade or near as dammit with 400m people on it's doorstep is utter lunacy.

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