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    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNNYAITCH View Post
    Yorkshire police have put out an APB for a group of 11 white shirted men who are to be charged with the heinous crime of "impersonating professional first team footballers". Several 1000 witnesses to the crime have not come forward with any complaint. The Chief Constable of Yorks Police Randy Stopsign issued the following statement "It's a serious offence although conviction is rare..England players have for some time got away with impersonating top footballers." The offence will feature on the next edition of Crimewatch/The Big Match (whichever is considered most appropriate).
    In the words of Shaw Taylor, "keep 'em peeled" Maybe you were there ? Perhaps you saw something ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fraggle View Post
    Bereft of ideas in the final 3rd and I put that down to playing 1 up top
    Defenders panicked too much and gave the ball away very easily - lacking confidence to take a touch
    We did not close down quick enough when Leeds came across the half way line - the whole team were way to sluggish, this improved in the 1st 10 mins of the 2nd half but we were flat on our feet - the side does not look fit enough!
    Caught on the break, this was the same last season, we don't have enough willing runners in the middle of the park and we do lack defensive discipline
    Our central midfield pairing were far too lazy, they were walked through most of the night (I can understand the final Leeds Mgt comments, we gave away many cynical fouls - largely due to fitness and can't be arsed attitude to tracking runners.

    I have to say on the balance, we are far too negative as a side and will get truely punished this season if the WHOLE team does not up it game in terms of work rate without the ball and our lack of runners with the ball.

    We'll be no where near the top 6 with the attitude that was on display last night.

    You can talk about Leeds being a good team, but it does not take away the fact that we had many too many 'lazy' performances. Hardwork costs nothing, other than the odd deep breath!
    I think your comments about attitiude and fitness are way wide of the mark.

    Theres a big difference between setting out a team to try and keep its shape and be defensive without the ball (like we did at Leeds) and your interpretation of being lazy and thinking that we should be chasing everything. It proved in the second half that if we did decided to go and chase everything that they had the quality to play around us and find the gaps and I'd say their 2nd and 3rd goals came from that situation.

    Obvioiusly watching it on TV you are following the ball around so you wouldn't have seen the work the team are doing off the ball to try and fill gaps and keep the shape and Tonge and Pugh in particualr put a real shift in in that central area IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by For Us All View Post
    Apart from Preston who managed to lose to Acct?
    Missed that one, well done to the Accies, what happened to the star striker? Affect our sell-on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fosse69 View Post
    Missed that one, well done to the Accies, what happened to the star striker? Affect our sell-on?
    Hugill scored twice

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