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    We came away from one of the favourites in the league with a point without playing particularly well.
    That's a positive.
    We defended well all game, had a bit of luck and had a couple of decent half chances. In my opinion once the lads are up to speed we will be a really good team this year. UTV

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    Cicilia seemed like the only player who was obviously dreadful. Fortunately we still have Hooper and there are still noises from the club that we are after an experienced striker.

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    streete was a pleasant surprise , excellent in the air

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    Haven't seen anywhere why Hooper was left out entirely. Was he carrying an injury?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenement Funster View Post
    What a difficult game to judge. For the first half an hour we were very poor, looked nervous and a little overcome by the situation. We did however grow into the game and on the whole limited Bradford's chances despite not creating too much ourselves. I think everyone contributed something although Cicilia really didn't look the part and De Freitas looked out of position to me but delivered a few dangerous set pieces. Defence looked solid and definitely got on top of Bradfords awkward front line by the end of the game.

    Alwnick - 7 - Flapped at a couple but one really good save and steady distribution
    Purkiss - 7 - Struggled to get forward but did well defensively.
    Knops - 7 - Really good debut. Decent in the air and on the deck despite a few misplaced passes.
    Smith - 8 - Incredibly calm and collected debut. Marshalled Hanson well.
    Streete - 8 - Equally as good as Smith if not a touch better with some last ditch stuff.
    Grant - 8 - At times going forward he looked nervy and rushed but defensively was a beast.
    Tavares - 6 - A bit rough around the edges and some misplaced passes. Has talent but could take time to gel into the pace of the game.
    Foley - 6 - Looks out of position in the hole behind the front man. Worked hard but struggled to have any offensive influence.
    Thomas - 6 - Looked threatening but then never quite did anything.
    De Freitas - 5 - Some decent set pieces but looked out of position from what I saw of him in preseason.
    Cicilia - 4 - Sorry Reggie but you gotta be more physical and 'want it'. Not too bad on the deck but in terms of a target man it just didn't work.

    Perreira - 6 - Definitely has some talent. Worth a start tomorrow.
    Forrester - 6 - Lively but rarely troubling.
    Mbamba - 6 - Could have nicked a couple of goals. A rough diamond.
    Quite a good test and intro to English L1 for most of the new lads. Playing against a robust team and one of the largest league crowds they are likely to find this season and come away with a point was a good result.

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    Clean sheet and a draw away with loads of new players against one of the favourites....not too shabby

    Well done to all who made the journey

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    Quote Originally Posted by tisdeano View Post
    streete was a pleasant surprise , excellent in the air
    Agreed. I've been one of his biggest critics on here but he showed that he can do it on Saturday. Excellent effort from him, the rest of the back 4 and Grant.

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    I expected Tavares to run the midfield on saturday but I think the pace of the game took him over but having said that the more games he plays it won't take him long to 'boss' the midfield like he did pre season, he was up against a very good player in Nicky Law who has a good pedigree Bradford have always had a good midfeild general over the years!!

    Tacticly thought Bruno got it right on Sat but expect him to revert to two strikers on saturday just feel we need a good pacey winger who can go past people to make things happen, thought Mark Marshall did that for Bradford excellently on sat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valenick View Post
    It's think you will find limp donkey started by belittling all other vale fans by dismissing their opinions and views
    donkey.jpg Hee haw!

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