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Tom Pope


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Either rest him, which I can see reason to or play Hughesy along side him. When Hughesy came on for his 5 minute run out it was then that we looked at our most dangerous. I noticed that when Hughesy came on Bradfords bench reacted and told his team to play deeper leaving Dodds and our other midfielders more space to play into.


It's not the partner of Popes fault he is not scoring it's one of those runs along with the fact that he looks like he is running on empty.


Dropping Vincent and putting Hughesy onto the pitch makes us look alot dangerous as an attacking force, plus Hughesy will contribute more to the game.






Duffy Chilvers Purse Jones







--Hughes-Pope-- (Willo for Pope if he is rested.


Vale 2 Southend 0 Hughes with both.


I like the look of that side, but it doesn't have much width, i would be inclined to play Jeno - who would offer at least some pace out wide














the pontiff



In a 4-2-2-2 formation with Dodds drifting wherever the space is to play balls to the front two, or to drive forward. Burge as the creative factor with Griff sitting back doing the dirty work. Jeno almost acting as a third striker out on the left, offering pace and crossing at every opportunity, plus with support from Jones.

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Yes i have spoken to Richards,and i know for a fact he is not happy at Chesterfield.


Should have stayed here then, shouldn't he ? We don't want him back thanks, unless it is at a lower wage than he left on.

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