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Refs. fitness levels.


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The simplest way to get the changes needed in refereeing is to allow refs to ply their trade in all divisions, dont segregate the refs into divisions, let any qualified ref referee any match in any division.

Let the premier games suffer the dross..... things would soon change.

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Fair enough, a ref should always strive to be well prepared mentally and physically for any league. Unfortunately, last year, 70% of referees , from park refs to the football league, quit the game . The majority said that the abuse from players , parents , fans , was too much , and not worth it anymore. So, it goes beyond taking liberties os . It's all well and good to be fit and ready to officiate , but it's the other stuff that makes so many want to quit. So, as a result of that , many of the remaining 30% are fast-tracked up the leagues if they have the desire to do so. By the time they reach L2 , they've been through a fair amount in the lower leagues, with abuse from fans a lot easier for them to hear in a small ground , and a small crowd. They decide to stay in L2 , and not bother with all the politics of the higher divisions, and all the rest. Finally, it's a whole different picture when you're on the pitch , as opposed to being in the stand. Sorry to go on a bit, but you're right , the standard needs to be the highest it can be.



This is spot on.

Refs i know of who are superb refs,and also fit..and can easily keep up,have quit the game after all the abuse from players,supporters etc... one i know of has quit recently after being assaulted.

So basically alot quitting over constant abuse we have to suffer,as players etc..are always right!!!!

The FA are also fast tracking refs thru the system,are these experienced enough???

Im unsure personally.

But my point is ..maybe if abuse stopped,we would see more refs coming thru.???

Respect campaign is a joke

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