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Darrell Clarke - The Coach


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I would just like to add my backing to @Fosse69 closing this thread.

This was an interesting thread about Darrell Clarke's coaching style that escalated into abuse and went off topic.

Please note that the job of admin is not to spend hours educating users on our rules or editing/removing posts. They are volunteers and probably have better things to do. I have asked them to save time and simply close down threads if they go off topic or are in danger of spiraling into more and more abuse.

Closing a thread clearly effects users who do follow the guidelines and who may want to post on that topic but that's not the fault of the Admin staff closing the thread - that's the fault of the users not sticking to topic and engaging in abuse.

I would remind you all of the orange box at the bottom of all threads. This has instructions on what to do:

1. If you disagree with a user strongly please IGNORE them

2. If you think there has been personal abuse please REPORT then and do not respond in kind


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