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Guest Vale at home
13 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

They should open the turnstiles earlier, say 1.30pm to minimise the queues. 

Yes I agree . 2-00 pm . Is to Late . Men ,Ladies.children . Wanted to go to the Toilets .the Last  home game .     They had been queuing for one hour before .   Be for they opened the turnstiles . 

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Posted (edited)

Big day today even though not playing .

Mon just had a look in all sections of Bycars and there's plenty left probably 1000 odd not 650 what was quoted yesterday by someone from the ticket office to the fan who asked when purchasing tickets yesterday .

Still not bad with 2 more trading days to go .

20 quid for Adults 12 quid for 18/21 etc  remember if pay on the day dearer so buy them in advance either today or tomorrow (no I'm not a sales person I just like to get it out there so Vale can make more coin ).

Big game as they all are now think listening to AC he as been reading my comments so keep reading them as I have great knowledge of football and I'm a tactical genius (lmao).

Gibbons sounds like he may be ready go and trust me if he bombs down the  right combining with Worrall we be smoking good I know he generally as being played down the left but for me  Monday  the right for me .

Come on Exeter get a draw at least as for the rest much ado about nothing really I'd fancy us in two games at full tilt v any of the sides in top 7 (8 if including Mckirdys Swindon ).


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Would have been home for this game,but as I appear to have jinxed the last 2 games {I really am that supersticious)

Happy to get a few beers and watch on sky

Exeter is easier to get to for me for the final game////but hay ho 


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On 28/04/2022 at 17:26, Doha said:

Does anyone know what roads will be closed the day of the game with this Burslem festival thing going on?

Coming up from Middleport will be a bad idea. I intend to go through Hanley, along Town Road to the circles of hell (Smallthorne Roundabouts), down Moorland Road and along Jackson Street to Hamil Road. 

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