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Vale fan needs a favour...

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Morning all.


So, had surgery on my leg last week and I’m now on crutches for the next 2 months.  To be honest, after having had 9mm of bone removed from my thigh I’m astonished that I’m not in pian and how well I’m getting around – however, legally, I can’t drive until end of May. 


In my head I’d written off coming up to Vale Park again this season but, living down here in Somerset, I always had in the back of my mind that I’d try my hardest to get to the Exeter away game, and my Mrs has agreed to drive me down there.  I did ask her, as well, if she’d consider driving me up to the Burslem Bernabeu but got told, politely, to Foxtrot Oscar! (Women, eh!)


So, overnight I got to thinking that, if I can get some help, I’d really like to get up to the last game of the season against Newport County, and decided to put this message out to see if there is any kind soul(s) out there willing to help a fellow Valiant in need.  Here’s my thinking – its one of two things:


  1. So I could get the train from Bristol to Stoke and be there early afternoon – are there any Vale fans who will be going to the match who live in Hanley/Fenton/Hartshill etc who would be kind enough to swing by Stoke station and give me a lift to the ground and then drop me off back at the station after the game. Or
  2. Are there any Vale fans living in or around North Somerset or Bristol who are going to the game who have a spare seat that I could get a lift with…??  I’d be happy to pay for a tank of fuel for you and a beer (or two!) in Tommy Cheadles 😉 – the only thing is, because of my knee, I’d need to sit in the front passenger seat (not sure I’d be even able to get in the back of a car!)


My back up plan will be that I can get a train to Stoke and then get a taxi to and from the ground.  One way or another I’m determined not to miss the last home game of the season.👍


Any help and thoughts truly appreciated


UTV and KTF!!

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Might be worth asking on the Newport fans forum or get your lady to take you to Newport to get a coach from the club.If you fancy the Bristol Rovers game on Easter Monday a visit to the Gas forum might help or book a coach ticket with BRovers club.Good Luck.

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4 minutes ago, robf said:

Hi all,

It turns out I actually cant help so @Osh is still looking - if anyone can help him get to see the Newport game pls do let him know!

Cheers Rob - you're a STAR!  Enjoy the time with Lucas 



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