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FA Cup third round tickets

Playa Amodores

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There’ll never be a way of selling tickets that’s fair for everyone. So who would you suggest gets priority for tickets whether it be a big/small club away or a big team at home.

1. Season Ticket holders (one per person)

2. Ten game ticket holders (one per person)

3. Then fans who have attended 5 home games or the two cup games.

4. Make vouchers available for next home games. Then do max vouchers first. Minimum second.

5. General sale

if you have a different opinion that you think is fairer then please let us hear your opinion


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I’m torn over the voucher system. It would encourage people to attend games which is good for profits, but also, say you’ve been to every game this season but can’t make the next few, you lose out despite you putting more into the club already.

This could all be a moot point if we end up with a rubbish draw anyway.

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Until the draw is known it's all hypothetical. 

Reading or Barnsley won't see a stampede.

63 teams to draw of which maybe 10 might be considered plum.

Quite a few Premier would be unappealing particular at home. Burnley, Norwich, Brentford, Watford ,Brighton. 

It's totally dependent on who we get out of the hat and the club can only plan accordingly based on the draw. 

Maybe a 15% chance of a proper biggy. 

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