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RIP Tony Boult.


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Used to see and speak with Tony at many away games, and on away buses  in our teenage years . But as we got older , seeing Tony out anywhere, he would always give me the nod of acknowledgment of being VALE, from one VALE fan to another. RIP Tone , we are all Vale aren’t we . UTV .

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I knew Tony mainly through the Mod scene - a decent lad and had many a banter about stoke and vale, me stoke him vale- it didnt matter really , Tony had lots of mates who followed stoke and we would laugh about it. I was a ballboy at the vale when I was a kid and Tony liked that , even when I told him i had a stoke top under me trackie !! 

It is a sad time the loss of tony and I WILL miss him around town and also seeing him at the mod do's including Brighton which he loved.

RIP Tony x

Up the Vale x

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Below, a poem in memory of Tony Boult, compiled by brother of boslem

The Vale fans sang at Oldham "There's only one Tony Boult"

Then just hours later, the news, one huge jolt

The lad from Hartshill & Shelton had followed his Dad

To Vale Park, many good times, some sad

But not the day Foyle scored the third v Stoke

The tears flowed, Father and Son did choke

And the first trip to the hallowed turf of Wembley

Walking towards the twin towers, knees all trembly

The Roy Sproson statues' inspiration and driving force

Collecting coins in Tunstall and Burslem of course

Undeterred by the small amount gathered in a hurry

He said "I'll go out again, we'll make it, dunna worry"

Favourite player Tommy McLaren from yesteryear

And in terms of fashion, Tone had all the decent gear

From the punk days to the skinhead revival era

Then towards the full Mod scene Tony got nearer

Sharp suits, a motor scooter and classy shiny shoes

With the full range of Mod music, too much to choose

Growing up with Julie and his folks, he was never bored

Later in life came kids and grandkids he totally adored

He'd been a hardworking potter back in the day

Then a proper son, brother, father and grandad in every way

He coined the phrase "We're Vale aren't we"

And enjoyed days in Brighton by the sea

He was married to Dawn at Vale Park with the Shanahans close by

And met the manager beneath a Valiant sky

Thank you for the memories-how the time flew

Mate, we couldn't help falling in love with you.........


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Met Tony when we were teenagers following Vale home and away , favourite story was me and two mates (Norton boys )went to see the new film on the cinema at the time ,” The Warriors “, Tony was already in his seat he saw us and came over sit with us and said he had paid in this morning for the first screening, and hid in the bogs waiting for the next 4 screenings 🤣said he loved the film . RIP Tony  😢😢

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