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Tory Sleaze


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He's really rubbish. Labour need to put that on a loop, alongside the Peppa Pig nonsense. 

Take away the ideological differences, he's just a bad PM. Bumbling Boris v Steady Starmer. Writes itself. Loads of people just vote for the more 'prime-ministery' choice, rather than some of the ideological battles Labour get themselves wrapped up in.

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35 minutes ago, FriedRice said:

I genuinly cant tell the difference between labour and conservatives since the days of Blair its just light blue vs dark blue but it bothers me that the torries seem to have begun to show the arrogance that they are entitled to be in power and elections are just a chore they have to go through every 5 years

It would be good if someone kicked them in the nuts, just to show it can be done.

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12 minutes ago, For Us All said:

I Once Had News For You?


Brexit -> Kick out foreigners -> Scream at dinghies -> Defund The BBC -> Bring back hanging -> Bring back National Service -> Imperial measurements -> lead in petrol -> Old fashioned lightbulbs 

Have I missed anything from your joyless utopia?

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