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FA Cup R2 Burton A (Away) 2021


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20 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

Big game for the Vale this already told stepdaughters boyfriend whos a stokie it will be Vale v Stoke third round so we need get through in order for that be the case .
My son and nephew never been to a proper potteries Derby be nice if theres one in the near future.

If we get sjoke, does the toilets in the away end get body guards for them?  🤣

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On 11/11/2021 at 11:05, Smugsy said:

Burton v Vale has not been chosen as one of the live second round ties


FA Cup second-round televised games

Friday, 3 December

Gateshead or Altrincham v Charlton Athletic 19:45 kick-off - live on ITV4

Saturday, 4 December

Buxton v Morecambe 12:45 - live on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

Yeovil Town v MK Dons or Stevenage 17:30 - live on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer

Sunday, 5 December

Rochdale or Notts County v Sheffield Wednesday or Plymouth Argyle 12:15 - live on ITV

Salford City v Chesterfield 17:15 - live on ITV4

Monday, 6 December

Boreham Wood v St Albans City 19:45 - live on ITV4


Bloody Salford again 

It will be great to see the Spireites beat the Salford upstarts on their own ground 

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On 10/11/2021 at 16:54, CambridgeDon said:

You're right that in a pyramid system you have to have fair promotion but I'd argue that's the last thing you get from the National which, as far as I'm aware, doesn't have any financial fair play rules at all. As a result, you get loads (and it is loads these days) of newly rich owners selecting a club and stuffing its coffers so full it has a really unfair advantage over the other teams. In the case of clubs who've spent years languishing in the lower reaches of non-league they then come into the EFL with no tradition of proper league football and little or no fan base. What happens next is that traditional teams like the Vale take loads of away support to swell their coffers even more (when they don't need it) and not have the favour repaid either in terms of cash or creating a competitive atmosphere at the return home game. It's turning the EFL into something it was never intended to be - the gateway to league football for the rich and ambitious while diluting the matchday experience.


Notts County got 12,843 attendance on Saturday against Solihull. 

Fantastic that is. 

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1 hour ago, WV said:

When are tickets on sale for this? 

I don't think they will go on sale till next week as they will want get the rest of the Oldham tickets sold first before getting loads coming down to buy burton tickets aswell. I don't think the ticket office could cope with having to sell 2 lots of away tickets for games that are going be well attended at the same time.

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I’m struggling to comprehend why this isn’t being televised. The Pirelli Stadium holds just under 7,000, Burtons average attendance is just under 3,000. I think we might get 2,500-3,000, it’s a game that lots of fans won’t be able to get a ticket for as demand will quite easily outstrip demand. North Staffs against East Staffs. Salford... Really, are the Class of 92 running out of money

Anyone who does get a ticket go there be loud and proud, get behind the lads. Is there a replay, if it’s a draw.? May be that will be televised 

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Would be great to go there and win, it would be equally good to go there get a draw and bring Burton back to Vale Park and complete the job then. For me some of the best times at Vale Park have been when we've won an FA Cup replay on the Monday (As it was then). There was always something magic about the atmosphere, there was more singing, the dark sky, the cold and the floodlights.

Conversely when we lost an FA Cup replay at Vale Park it was devastating.

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