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I got married in June 99 and my mother in law/father in law surprised me by inviting Rudgie and his wife Del to the reception as they knew he was a hero/legend to me and even though they had a family event on the same day they both well and truly turned up,have to be honest there was a tear in my eye when he walked in and i dropped to my knees(no nowt rude) and bowed down in front of him in my hired suit 🙂 he was so nice,bought drinks,chatted to guests and myself(telling me how he wanted to nurture Earle to take over from him if he hadn't been sacked),when it was time for him to go he couldn't apologise enough and he wanted to stay but Del was dragging him away..... RUDGIE is and always will be a LEGEND and Vale...he signed my guest by putting,keep supporting OUR team,forever black and white John and Del Rudge

Its a memory that will live with me forever and probably even more than the wedding itself 😉 

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He was extremely humble and stated it was the fans that made it so good and that he was lucky, I told him that you make your own luck in life. He also told me that Paul Kerr threw a boot at him in the dressing room at half time because he’d subbed him. He sold players that he’d purchased for in excess of £3m profit, which is a lot today never mind all those years ago. I never referred to him as John and called him Mr Rudge. He told Robin VDL was banned from football in Holland for four month having broken someone’s leg, so he brought him to Vale as he wasn’t banned in England. 
Looking back I was like a star struck kid, who couldn’t believe I was actually there with JR. This man took us to the brink of the Championship play offs and would have made it if we hadn’t lost the last four games. It was the press who informed him that Brian Horton was replacing him on the Monday having just signed Marcus Bent the previous Thursday. WTB when confronted about the rumour denied it and later offered him a director of football position. When John McGrath sadly passed away on Christmas Day, Mrs McGrath phoned JR and asked him if he would do a ready by at the funeral, told me he had no sleep that night as he wanted to get everything right. I don’t think I’ve broken any confidences, by telling you this. Some of you will know it already but I didn’t. Genius

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4 minutes ago, Playa Amodores said:

Jean, I’m confused with the words, ‘That’s all’

That’s all I need to say. His heroic status is unquestioned. Once I’d said that I didn’t need to say anything else. He turned up at school on my 50 th birthday thanks to Kirsty!!

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