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Match Thread: Scunthorpe United v Port Vale


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From their forum, Iron Bru.

Here are the stats for the season to date for goals scored vs conceded.
0-15 mins, 2v0
16-30 mins, 0v0
31-45 mins, 1v1
45-60 mins, 2v4
61-75 mins, 0v3
76-90 mins, 1v5
Proves the obvious, we set out defensive at the start of matches. Only 1 first half goal conceded, the best in the league.
That’s followed by an utter shambles in the second half as we try to hang on. 12 second half goals conceded, the worst in the league!!.
Tactics wrong, players can’t keep pressing for 90 minutes, players are not fit enough, poor substitutions, the opposition know that we will crumble in the second half, we are predictable.

Are you sure that's not from OVF for the 2016-2020 seasons?
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Got a feeling it will be a draw tomorrow, 1-1. Away points are fine as long as you're home record is generally excellent. Scunthorpe I'm pretty sure beat us convincingly last season - I seem to recall Loft (not Doug!) scoring against us.

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All our awaydays seem miles away this season fair play to the followers who go the games .

Nothing to add really 48 years and no win there thats a bad place to play in the past  so no greater motivation than to go there and smash that unwanted record to bits .

Let's attack I do not look at positions in league this early means nothing but what I will say about Vale is they 8/9 potential scorers in the starting line up and all of them are very capable of netting and if they do not we have a bench who can get us on the front foot too and our levels of fitness on what I've seen are very good .

We have earned the right with recent displays to go there and relax play our football and see what occurs .

Proctors general all round game is  a delight on the games I've attended he as deserved score every game twice 👏,Wilson general play is very good also so as long as them 2 play as they usually do we going create chances lets hope we take them .


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2 hours ago, werstayinup said:

This game is making me nervous for some reason as we always seem to struggle against teams lower down the table but we live in hope

Anyway lets be confident and go 3-1 Vale....feel free to return to this post.... you can thank me later 🙂 

Me too. I’m wondering how it affects the players hearing how we never beat a particular team but I guess that’s where the manager and coaching staff come in. Once remember Robbie Keane saying that in his experience some teams were beaten even before they stepped out on the Old Trafford pitch and you could see it on their faces as they came out. If we don’t go out today believing we can win, we’re done. I’m sure DC will be on it.

C’mon Vale, show us what you’re made of!

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