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Match Thread: Scunthorpe United v Port Vale


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It was so good…it was boring! The tempo was slow but we were patient against a team who looked like they were playing for a draw. Much deserved win for us as the better team, dictating play where possible! 

We are not getting in the playoffs I’m afraid…we will have to settle for a mere automatic promotion place! 

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10 minutes ago, Dangermouse3 said:

Great win by the team! Every man did his job and produced the required result.

Not able to see us in action but DC praised both Garrett, Smudge and the build up for the goal……. Praise well deserved.

Manager of the month?

Why not? Modest in victory, praise for his players and a balanced and sensible approach, love him.

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5 minutes ago, Rockape99 said:

Lucas  shithousery of the highest order , needed a bafta fir that one ….up the flaming glorious Vale 

We tend to be on the receiving end of these sort of antics so I'm glad we can give it em back now!

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29 minutes ago, Conrad said:

Smudge needed 10 stitches in his head after the game, tough as owd boots that man.

Smiffy went home with a badly bruised leg.......will the owner please contact Port Vale FC......

Was that when he headed that bloke's boot in the last minute? He's a reet warrior Smiffy...I love him!

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Easy win and sitting in 4th.

Won 12 of 20 and kept 10 clean sheets in that time.

Pett about 20 minutes in front of the rest of the game. He made it look easy. Garrity and Jones class. Lucas is the steadiest keeper we've had in donkeys. No idea what you lot are on about. Spot on again. Chuffed his hamstring untore itself, was very worried. Not like our Lucas to go down on 80 mins+.

We're breezing this dog league at an absolute canter. Few on here had absolute mares over the summer and will be expected to submit a written apology to the Matrix in May.

Trust the Pruhcess.

Walsall won 5 of 29 since Clarke left. 

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Hard working rather than spectacular. Nothing at all wrong with that.  Apart from a 10 minute spell I thought Scunny we’re terrible.  The only negative was the sitters we missed.  Nice to break two hoodoos, Glanford Park and Scrimshaw.

Off now, back to staring at the league table for an hour or two. 😳

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