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Match Thread : Port Vale v Mansfield Town


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9 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

As much as we live an opening day, we also hate a last game of the season.

Last time we won one was 2011-12


Bizarre how those stats have lined up

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4 minutes ago, philmpv said:

Here we go again.....

Surprised it’s taken this long.  Whoever was picked / whatever the formation  it should have been different.  It can’t be because Pope is past it!

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Abysmal, and a nice microcosm of the majority of this season; players fundamentally not good enough, going through the motions and letting the club down, a legacy of poor recruitment and squad mismanagement.

Only reinforces my overarching belief; get rid of all we can this week

I was wavering on Brisley but he's prone to a gaff. Bang average at best and we can do better.

Joyce looks his age, and miles off the pace. A good servant but his time has come.

Brown made a string of tidy saves late on but is very slow to get down, as evidenced by the free kick, and he'll be 37 next season. Extending him is just delaying the eventual challenge of replacing him. Let's be proactive and not rue further regression, which could cost us. 

Pope was anonymous and it will be a sad end to a legendary Vale career if he goes, but the club must come first. Give him a charity match when restrictions are lifted and name the new training ground/pitches after him.

Montano is a good player but I lose no sleep if he goes. Too many ups and downs. 

The rest are no brainers; Mills, Fitzpatrick, McKirdy et al will be wiped from memory as soon as that retained list is out.

If Carol can find some pennies down the sofa to pay off Whitehead, Robinson, and Amoo, then even better.

Time for a reset. Clarke is the man; time for Flitcroft to deliver on his talk. Let's be active with signings; none of this 'waiting till the price drops'. Identify targets and improve the 11 at the first opportunity. No compromise. Spin this league.

What a f*cking rubbish season. UTV


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Awful. We made five changes, they made four - and made us look like idiots. Only Brown, Conlon and maybe Smudge emerge with any credit. The rest - worryingly pathetic. 

Weak at the back, weak in midfield and weak up front, DC has a mountain to climb. 

One thing is for sure, his retained list should be very short and he shouldn't lose any sleep about it - not that he will judging by the look on his face at the end. 

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